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Power Cool Plus roof-mount attic ventilators are backed by a ten-year limited, transferable warranty, which features exclusive SureStart  protection. During the SureStart period Air Vents will reimburse you for the labor costs to remove and reinstall any parts found to be defective. They will also provide the replacement part at no charge. Now that's something you can count on. See the warranty itself for precise details and limitations.
Power Cool Plus roof mount power attic ventilators feature a factory pre-wired combination automatic thermostat/humidistat. The thermostat/humidistat is in the same housing for an easy, single electric hookup. The thermostat monitors the attic for costly heat buildup in warmer months and the humidistat monitors the attic for damaging moisture buildup for year-round protection.
The Power Cool Plus can move up to 1500 CFM cooling attics up to
2100 square feet and requires at least 5.0 square feet of intake vents. And features a heavy-duty, rust-resistant metal dome.
You will appreciate the quality that is built into every Power Cool Plus roof mount power attic ventilator:

1.  Oversized 24" x 24" G-90 galvanized base flange for easy nailing and flashing.
2.  22-gauge cold rolled steel dome is more durable than  aluminum; powder coated for extra protection.
3.  Six blade design, versus five blades of some other brands, and balanced motor for maximum CFM performance and efficiency.
4.  Six brace struts hold dome firmly in place.
5.  Raised dome for greater airflow and easier flashing
6.  Plastic screen has three distinct advantages over metal: it won't corrode or rust, it won't vibrate or create noise, and it's more pliable and easier to hold in place.every unit is tested before it's shipped. We won't ask you to test it for us. Thermal overload protection - an important safety feature that shuts off motor if fan overheats.
WHISPER COOL technology is a major advancement in power attic ventilators. These new units feature a fan blade encased not in a solid cylinder, like standard fans, but in an innovative series of rings. The rings direct airflow in such a way that the motor operates more efficiently and is reduced significantly.
Quieter. Tests show that WHISPER COOL gable-mount power attic ventilators operate 30% more quietly than comparable units.
More Efficient. The open configuration of the rings allows the fan motor to move air with less restriction.
That means these fans operate with greater efficiency than standard units - 35% more.
Simplified Installation. WHISPER COOL gable-mount power attic
ventilators have been designed specifically with the do-it-yourself customer in mind. Mounting brackets are molded in - no assembly required. You mount and wire the unit. And the rings make the units easy to handle - we've even eliminated those sharp metal edges that make some fans a little hazardous.
Benefits of Power Attic Ventilators:

One power attic ventilator is usually sufficient, unless it's a very large attic Ideal for hip roofs
Feature a preset adjustable thermostat for maximum homeowner convenience
Gable-mounted power vents are an excellent option for tile roof ventilation
Design Considerations: For proper attic ventilation, the Home Ventilation Institute recommends a system that provides at least 10 air exchanges an hour. To determine the fan capacity needed to provide this minimum airflow, use the following formula: attic square feet x 0.7 = CFM (cubic feet of air moved per minute).
Power vents are rated by CFM. Look for a power vent that provides at least the minimum CFM requirement. Remember, the higher the CFM the more air exchanges per hour.
Note: for roofs 8/12 or higher, you may want to add 20% more CFM capacity to handle the larger volume of attic space
Most power attic ventilators only have a thermostat, so they only monitor the heat in the attic.
Moisture buildup is also a problem in the attic. A solution is a power attic ventilator featuring a combination thermostat/humidistat.
Keep in mind that there are energy costs associated with operating a power attic ventilator
Adequate soffit venting must be installed for best performance
if using gable vents, gable vents must be installed on the down-wind end of the home

Whisper Cool gable mount 1620 CFM  power vent

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